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Access control

Monitoring and controlling who has access to your premises, keeping your employees safe, establishing who is in which part of your building – an access control system can achieve all of this... and much more.

At CLASS, we work with the world’s best access control suppliers, and will provide a system tailored to your needs. From mechanical push button locks to audio/video intercoms, to biometric and on-line access systems, our team can offer a bespoke solution for your home or business, and we’ll ensure it complies with fire regulations, health and safety policy and The Disability Discrimination Act.


We have more than 50 years of combined experience in installing access control solutions in a wide range of locations, from private homes to business parks – so wherever you’re based and whatever your needs, we can help. And we pride ourselves on our professionalism and attention to detail, so wires and components will be concealed once the installation is complete.

Servicing and repairs

To keep your access control system in working order, servicing and repair is essential: both electronic components and mechanical locks will need attention, and regular maintenance can identify and address any potential problems. We’ll also run regular tests to ensure that, for instance, a door will release if a fire alarm is triggered.

Swing door operators

We can supply, install, program and maintain swing door operators to complement access control systems and help your premises comply with The Disability Discrimination Act. Push buttons, key pads, key switches, proximity sensors and audio intercoms can all be used to control a swing door operator.

Identity cards

Ideal for schools and business premises, identity cards provide additional security: using your own design, we can produce a simple plastic card, or a swipe or proximity card which can be used in conjunction with an access control system.

Gate control

We can supply automated gates and barriers to both domestic and commercial premises, providing external protection for your home or business. We can install these with audio/video intercom units, supply key fobs for remote operation, or control access through a combination of methods.

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