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Case studies

GOD TV UK & Ireland

Founded in the UK in 1995, God TV is Europe’s first daily Christian network, with offices in several countries. CLASS was appointed by God TV’s UK and Ireland team to review and boost the security level of its headquarters in the North East of England.

A security upgrade was required to protect the premises and valuable filming and editing equipment contained within the building. In addition, staff access and safety were of equal importance.

Following an extensive security review CLASS identified key areas where valuable equipment is held and the ability to restrict access to certain areas to select individuals is required. This led to CLASS’ experienced team of electronic access experts specifying and installing an internal electronic access system to control entry.

In addition, perimeter security needed attention which led to the installation of external electronic access systems to enable staff to gain access to the building easily but prevent unauthorised entry. This system was linked to the internal system meaning staff only need one fob to enter the facility.

The benefit of being able to delete a fob from a database from an electronic access systems should it be needed, allows God TV employees to maintain security levels even if a fob goes missing or is retained by a former employee for instance.

Park Leisure

Park Leisure owns luxury country and costal holiday parks throughout the North of England and the South West coast.

Park Leisure prides itself on offering high quality leisure facilities in relaxing locations and making sure its visitors are safe and feel secure is paramount to providing its customers with the perfect holiday experience.

CLASS was appointed by Park Leisure to review and boost the security levels of four sites in the North East of England. CLASS quickly identified the need to ensure authorized staff and visitors could access the site easily, but unauthorized individuals were restricted from entering without consent.

With its external security experts on the case, CLASS specified and installed electronic access control on high quality boom barriers across the entrances to each of the parks – not only ensuring access to the site was limited to visitors and staff but also reducing traffic flow through the park which added to the tranquility of the sites and ethos of the holiday park.

In addition, in communal areas CLASS installed a PC-based key fob system at the three sites to ensure only staff could access employee or private areas. This system worked perfectly with the day-to-day activity of the site, as it allowed managers to access all areas while, for instance, temporary staff hired were limited to certain areas and customers were stopped from entering private areas.

If a fob is lost or retrained it is cheap and simple to recode the system and make the old fob ineffective and ensuring security is maintained.

CLASS also recommended installation of CCTV in two of the venues to deter potential attack - offering reassurance to residents and staff and increasing the chances of catching perpetrators should a security breach occur. High quality CCTV systems were installed throughout the two holiday parks and are regularly maintained and upgraded by CLASS.

To this day CLASS works with the team at Park Leisure to regularly review and update security as required; ensuring each holidaymaker has opportunity to enjoy a relaxing and safe holiday.

Karol Marketing Group

When Karol Marketing Group renovated its current headquarters in Newcastle city centre it wanted to review all security measures on the 703 square metre office.

CLASS was initially appointed by Karol Marketing to review and specify locks for all doors and windows of the three storey building and asked to consider external security.

Following further discussion with the owner regarding the use of the building, CLASS was able to determine which security measures would suit the building and owner best. CLASS recommended installation of a master key system for access control.

A master key system is one whereby the owner of the building has one key which allows access to all areas of the building, while staff are given a key which only opens the entrance door and the doors to the floor they work on.

Such systems allow for easy access control and should a key be lost, stolen or a security breach possible, the cylinder in the locks can be reconfigured and a new key issued to operate the door(s) – which is much cheaper than having to replace the locks on a building.

Health and safety requirements (relating to fire escape regulations) in commercial property was taken into account by CLASS’ experienced Master Locksmiths and appropriate measures put in place to adhere to regulations.

In addition, CCTV was reviewed on the exterior of the building to deter attack, add reassurance to staff, monitor the car park and help catch a perpetrator should an attack occur.

CLASS regularly reviews and maintains security measures installed at Karol Marketing.

Our Lady Of The Rosary RC Church, Peterlee

CLASS was engaged to carry out a survey on the Our Lady Of The Rosary RC Church in Peterlee, County Durham, in order to improve security and safety for parishioners, staff and the parish priest - who lived in a residence attached to the church - as well as to help protect the buildings and their contents.

The CLASS team upgraded all of the locks on the church and on the priest’s residence too, and fitted an access control system to the main door to allow parishioners to access the church during open hours, and prevent access ‘out of hours’.

Window grilles were also fitted to a walkway linking the main church building with the priest’s residence, providing a further level of protection for both buildings.

Killhope – The North of England Lead Mining Museum

Killhope is a fully restored 19th century lead mine in the Durham Dales, and has won numerous awards for its contribution to tourism in the area.

During a revamp of its popular visitor centre, CLASS was employed to install a new access control system to the building and the team also created a master key system for the museum and replaced a number of existing locks.

In doing so, the CLASS team significantly boosted security for both staff and the many visitors, including school parties, who regularly visit the museum, as well as helping to protect the precious exhibits and artefacts held at the site.

Consett Community Sports College

Consett Community Sports College (now Consett Academy) is a major educational establishment serving students in Consett and the wider area.

CLASS carried out a major overhaul of Consett Community College’s security, greatly improving the level of safety for both staff and pupils, and helping to protect equipment and facilities too.

The team replaced the master suite and also fitted a new access control system throughout the college, which was linked to the site’s fire alarm and installed on its entrance doors and internal doors.

The access control system was fitted to the lifts, and a specific system was also fitted to a lift used by disabled staff, preventing unauthorised use of the facility.

Seaham Contact Centre

Opened in 2011, this multi-use building houses a wide range of Durham County Council-run services, including a registry office, housing and benefit services, a library and a customer access point.

As a result, it needed a very high degree of security to protect staff and members of the public using its services, and to safeguard documents, IT equipment and sensitive information.

CLASS was employed to install an access control system throughout the centre, which could isolate certain areas of the building, depending on their hours of use, and either allow or prevent entry to them.

The team have installed additional locks at the centre as its use has evolved and have also fitted padlocks to protect external stores.

Durham County Council – industrial estate units

Durham County Council called on CLASS’s extensive product knowledge to help it secure premises on an industrial estate.

The CLASS team installed a Mul-T-Lock ‘three in one’ master suite on the site; three sets of keys were provided for each lock – green, orange and red. The green key is given to tenants, but should they not return it, an orange key will be used to lock/unlock the vacated premises and render the green key void, meaning the former tenant can’t gain access to the unit again. An added level of security is provided by the red key, which, when used, will render the orange key void.

The result? A cost effective safeguard which prevents access by former tenants but eliminates the need to employ a locksmith to change a cylinder, if the security of the unit is under threat.

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