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Key cutting
We stock hundreds of blank keys from all brand names and use the latest machinery to enable us to copy any key. We can copy a single key or multiple site keys quickly and to a high standard. We also provide replacement keys for locks from all brands.
Replacement Keys
Replacement keys
As well as making direct copies of keys we are also able to replace keys that have been lost or damaged. Often required for old furniture and buildings, this service is carried out through careful sculpture of a blank key into a shape that will unlock the item or door.
Lock Repair image
Lock repair
Locks can be damaged by day-to-day wear and tear – but don’t worry, help is at hand! At CLASS we stock a wide range of parts plus thousands of locks, should a system need to be repaired. We will always offer a lock repair service where possible, to save having to replace a whole lock.
Lock installation image
Lock installation
At CLASS we stock and install hundreds of types of locks and our expert Master Locksmiths are able to fit any lock to the correct specification, whether it is for a wooden, metal, aluminium, UPVC or glass door. We can also fit locks to gates, garages and high security doors.
Lock Opening image
Lock opening
Most of us have found ourselves in the unfortunate position of being locked out due to lost or stolen keys or even a lock failure, but there is no need to worry as our qualified Master Locksmiths will be on hand at any time of the day or night to help you gain access. We will normally be able to gain non-destructive entry by means of picking or manipulating your lock, and we will only ever use destructive entry methods if all other means fail.
Restricted Key image
Restricted key
A restricted key is one which can only by copied when proof ownership is provided – meaning that there is little chance of unauthorised copying of keys. Such systems provide a more secure form of key control as our clients know exactly who has a key. CLASS is able to provide and install a wide range of restricted locking systems. We also hold the equipment needed to copy such keys upon presentation of proof of ownership.
Master Systems image
Master systems
A master system is one whereby one key can open every lock in a system while other keys can only open certain areas, floors or buildings; enabling a client to control access to different areas. Master systems work particularly well for large businesses or local authorities, as they add a more secure level of access control. We can specify, install and maintain master key systems and even reconfigure master suited locks if keys go missing.
Digital Locks image
Digital locks
Mechanical digital locks allow users to enter a pin to unlock a door to a building or a room. We stock a wide range of digital locks and can correctly specify and install the best solution for you. Digital locks allow users to easily change the code, adding an additional level of security. Mechanical locks can all have different codes, be grouped together with one code controlling specific areas, or all the locks can use the same code throughout a site.
Padlocks image
Padlocks are portable locks used to defend against theft, vandalism and sabotage. We stock a wide range of key and coded padlocks and can even link padlocks to master key systems. We are also able to pick padlocks should a key be lost.
Keyed Alike image
Keyed alike
A keyed alike system operates when all of the locks share a common key profile (usually of a cylinder type) and all the cylinders are pinned to the same code. This enables the use of a single key to open all the locks and allows for easier management of keys.
Keyed to differ image
Keyed to differ
We are able to install and provide numerous locks with different keys should you require them. As each lock has its own key, multiple keys are needed and we can assist with identity marking.
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