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Free security surveys

Knowing where to start when improving your security can be a daunting prospect – after all, there are hundreds of security products on the market and it can be difficult to know which best suit your needs.

To help clients through this process, CLASS offers businesses, local authorities, property owners and landlords free security surveys on property of all sizes as well as across multiple sites.

We believe that it is vital to consider all areas of a property, or a whole site, when reviewing the security level of a building/buildings and our surveys are carried out by experienced Master Locksmiths who are able to spot weaknesses and potential problems that clients may not be aware of. Our team will offer solutions to any issues and provide realistic quotes for suggested work, prioritising the most pressing problems first.

Our team start all security surveys from the outside of a property and work their way in. Surveys will start with our experts checking the perimeter of a building – including gates, fences and barriers – as well as other outside areas and buildings such as outhouses, sheds, storage rooms and garages. Our experts will move on to the exterior of the building to review doors and windows as well as additional measures, including CCTV and alarms. We will then look at any interior measures including door chains, safes, secure cabinets, locked rooms and internal CCTV.

We understand the importance of protecting the people within a property as much as protecting valuables and the building itself, and we will apply our years of experience and knowledge of security products to recommend the most appropriate solution based on the use of your building, its features and the existing security measures already in place.

Our Master Locksmiths will work with you to provide options for boosting security which are tailored for your needs and budget. Experts will also advise on health and safety issues, fire regulations, and will recommend good practice.

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